Grocery stores in Branson explain impact of staffing and supply shortages

Published: Jan. 13, 2022 at 3:29 PM CST
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BRANSON, Mo. (KY3) - Grocery stores across the country are feeling the effects of staffing and food shortages, including some stores in Branson.

SunFest Food Market store manager, Peter Fischer, says there have been a few COVID-19 outbreaks among employees over the last few weeks. This has created some staffing challenges.

“Especially in Branson, because it slows down so much in January and February, we tend to cut our help back in January and February as well,” said Fischer.

Fischer says with a smaller staff, even one or two workers being out can make an impact.

”We just have to spread the talent around the store. We’ve got people in the deli that can check if we need a new checker or if we’re missing a checker.”

Although the stores shelves aren’t as empty as others, Fischer says they are experiencing some supply shortages.

”It was paper goods for a while, but they’ve actually come back. Then it was canned goods. It’s just hard to put a finger on exactly one item or one category [in short supply] across the board,” Fischer said.

Customer Robert Ekstrom says shopping can be frustrating when the items you need are all out and the costs are rising.

”You go for certain products and all of a sudden you see the increase, but then you need that and it’s upsetting when you’re on a budget you got to start changing the way that you spend your money,” said Ekstrom.

Ekstrom says he shops at SunFest because its shelves tend to have what he’s looking for. He’s noticed the most shortages at chain grocery stores.

“Dollar General, their shelves, they try to keep them full, but they are running low. When you go to Walmart, Walmart is now feeling the effects too,” said Ekstrom.

Fischer says, in an effort to keep customers and staff safe and healthy, masks are encouraged while shopping.

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