Springfield Inn on Kearney and Glenstone to be torn down for new developement

Published: Jan. 12, 2022 at 9:36 PM CST
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SPRINGFIELD, Mo. (KY3) - Bulldozers will soon be clearing the way for new construction on the north side of Springfield.

It’s part of the plan to revitalize Kearney Street.

“It’ll be pretty transformative for that area,” said Springfield’s Director of Economic Development Sarah Kerner.

Plans to bring new life to Kearney Street started back in 2017.

“Former council member Phyllis Ferguson asked us to pursue the Kearney Street redevelopment plan. Her dream was bringing back the vitality of the retail corridor that Kearney once was,” said Kerner.

Currently, many storefronts and buildings along part of old Route 66 sit empty.

Development has started on the west side of the street at Kansas Expressway.

Additional progress has been made on the east side near the corner of Glenstone Ave.

“It used to be the Northtown Mall now we’ve got the Walmart there. Doubletree has been rehabbed and added the conference center and of course, the Big Shots Golf has gone in. This is kind of the last piece of that puzzle,” explained Kerner.

The initial Kearney Street Corridor Study revealed the demand for more services from people living on this side of town. The area has the potential to capture additional retail sales available from $95 million in unmet household demand in trade around the area.

“Look, we live on the northside of town but our money spends just the same as the south siders. We are having to drive to the southside to shop but it would be great if we could do it on the northside,” said Kerner referring to comments gathered during the study process.

Developers have plans to tear down the Springfield Inn clearing the way for it to offer even more retail options.

“Phyllis’ dream was to buy a pair of shoes north of sunshine, not at Walmart. I’m still working on it. Maybe one of these days,” she said.

A representative for the development company says the buildings that make up Springfield Inn could be demolished in just a few weeks.

We asked what was going to be built in its place.

We’re told they will reveal their plans shortly.

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