SWMO worship security leaders speak on Texas synagogue incident and safety

Published: Jan. 17, 2022 at 5:40 PM CST|Updated: Jan. 17, 2022 at 5:44 PM CST
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ROGERSVILLE, Mo. (KY3) - A Texas synagogue experienced traumatic events Saturday when a gunman took four people hostage in the Dallas-Fort Worth area during service.

The suspect is now dead. Many say the security training they underwent saved their lives.

“Security’s job is to protect assets, well, the most important asset in our church is our members, and so their job is to protect that,” said Roger Moore with Peacekeepers Training. “It’s also to protect the church from liability and protect the church from unforeseen hazards, things that might hurt the membership.”

Oftentimes, security trains for unfortunate events that don’t happen regularly, but still occur.

“Things that might hurt the membership, other than an incident like we saw in Texas. We have to train for those things,” said Moore. “While they’re rare, they do occur. When they do, they’re catastrophic and can be catastrophic, so we have to train for those events.”

Temple Israel, a synagogue based in Rogersville, shared this statement regarding the incident with KY3.

“We are aware of the traumatic situation that occurred over the weekend at Beth Israel in Texas and our local congregation, Temple Israel, is very saddened that these types of events continue to happen in the United States and throughout the world,” Temple Israel said. “While we are not disposed to openly discuss any security arrangements that we have implemented at Temple Israel, we pray that one day we may all see a world that is rid of such hateful and violent acts”.

Another Peacekeepers member attends a church in Buffalo, Missouri. He shared how beneficial the training can be in emergencies.

“It’s important in today’s society that churches have the security teams ready and available. Our security is different because we keep our congregation safe with eyes and ears open and peeled,” said Craig Alderman, Chief of Security for the church.

Peacekeepers say the aftermath training is another factor to help handle situations like these.

“I would encourage churches to think about having what to do after the incident as part of our training program. It’s not just to how to handle the incident, but what comes next,” said Moore. “I would encourage them to have those plans in place in case that should happen.”

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