Study shows Missouri as ninth worst state to drive in

Published: Jan. 18, 2022 at 4:22 PM CST
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SPRINGFIELD, Mo. (KY3) -A new study shows Missouri ranks as the ninth worst state to drive for 2022.

The WalletHub study looks at everything from traffic, to road conditions, to car theft. CLICK HERE and read the study.

AAA Spokesperson Nick Chabarria explained how this might affect your car insurance rates.

“What particularly stood out in this ranking is that Missouri ranked 49th when it came to traffic safety; that’s something we know is an ongoing issue for Missouri when it comes to traffic safety laws,” said Chabarria.

Missouri roadway fatalities increased in 2021 as well.

“Being a safer driver is not only going to lower your insurance rates but really everyone across the state when those numbers come down,” said Charbarria.

He says some of the biggest factors of increasing rates are the number of claims and the cost of your claims.

“If you have a traffic crash for example and there are injuries or fatalities, those claims are going to be more expensive to pay for auto insurance,” he said.

Lieutenant Curt Ringgold with the Springfield Police Department says it’s going to take effort from both drivers in Missouri and law enforcement agencies to decrease these statistics.

“We probably need to do some more education towards the drivers and citizens,” said Lt. Ringgold. “Another aspect would be the enforcement part. We probably need to step up our enforcement which is probably our last resort.”

Ringgold says issuing citations and increased traffic enforcement can change drivers’ behavior.

“That’s our goal when we do issue citations is to change that behavior of that driver, so they don’t do that illegal action again,” said Lt. Ringgold.

He says increasing road safety can come from small steps like slowing down and eliminating distractions.

‘We’ve got to pay more attention. We’ve got to get off those devices and put that focus on the road,” Lt. Ringgold said.

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