Sale of the city of Bolivar’s water system causes rift for residents behind on water bills

Published: Jan. 26, 2022 at 6:38 PM CST
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BOLIVAR Mo. (KY3) - The city of Bolivar finalized the sale of its water utilities to Liberty.

The sale takes effect on February 1. And while bills are due at the same time they always are, the city is unable to be as flexible at this time with late payments because of a hard deadline.

Marcia Coleman’s water was cut off for 24 hours. She says she was behind on her bills, but she didn’t expect her water to just be cut off so soon.

“We have money coming in but we don’t have it right now at the moment,” she says.

She wasn’t the only one who had her water cut off either. Because of the switch happening next week, the city is trying to get all money due paid. Area organizations feel the pressure to help.

Community Outreach Ministries (COM) says it usually helps with about one bill a week. In the last seven days, it has heard from 30 households needing help and quick to pay these bills. The city says the bill due at this time is nothing new.

“Every year since we’ve had the water bills those bills are due on the 10th,” Chris Warwick, the mayor of Bolivar says. “And then we’ll do cutoffs around the 20th.”

He says the sale has nothing to do with the water cutoffs.

“If the sale was happening or not we’d be in the same position,” he adds.

The city says the biggest change is that with the sale being finalized on February 1, they’re unable to offer a 30-day extension. If you have had your water cut off and need some assistance CLICK here.

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