National Missing Persons Day: List of missing people from the Ozarks

Published: Feb. 2, 2022 at 7:25 PM CST
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SPRINGFIELD, Mo. (KY3) - February 3 is National Missing Persons Day. Here is a list of the missing persons from the Ozarks as of February 3.

The names are listed by date with the nearest location last seen.

For pictures and more in-depth information on the missing people, you can click here to see the Missouri Highway Patrol’s website or here for Arkansas’ Never Forgotten website.


Dixie May Forrester, 6/11/1971, Springfield

Christine A Seal, 6/19/1972, Mt Vernon

Shelley Dillon, 4/82010, St. Francois County

Vijaykumar P Patel, 3/1/1985, Mt Vernon

Brenda Louise Dunham, 5/10/1985, Alton

Jeffrey Wayne Newell, 11/19/1985, Warsaw

Richard Edward Gillespie, 1/1/1986, Springfield

Richard Scott Ashley, 5/13/1986, Springfield

Sherrill E Levitt, 6/7/1992, Springfield

Suzanne E Streeter, 6/7/1992, Springfield

Stacy K McCall, 6/7/1992, Springfield

William Eugene Grinder, 1/1/1995, Springfield

Danny R Roberts 6/14/1995, West Plains

Marc Allen Jones, 3/5/1996, Ozark

Robert C Garman, 9/19/1996, Ozark

Gary G McCullough, 5/11/1999, Cassville

Eugene Albert Cerney, 6/9/2000, Rolla

Susie Starr 8/7/2000, Springfield

John D Smith, 2/15/2001, Springfield

Maureen Webb, 2/16/2001, Bolivar

John W Simon, 4/4/2001, Houston

Michelle L Henri, 1/24/2004, Waynesville

Quitsha W Willis, 9/28/2005, Rolla

Liehnia May Chapin 7/1/2006, Cassville

Timothy J Potter, 1/19/2007, Rolla

Rene M Williams, 3/13/2007, Ava

Michael J Shoemaker, 11/9/2008, Crocker

Joseph D Neal, 7/4/2010, Springfield

Shannon J Minshall, 5/23/2013, Houston

CC Perryman, 9/28/2013, Aurora

Glenda Sue McLeoud, 11/20/2013, Springfield

Donald L Erwin, 12/29/2013, Camdenton

Alvin Julius Kimmi 5/14/2014, Buffalo

Jacquelyn L Auten-Metz, 4/4/2015, Rolla

Leslie R J Horton, 3/18/2016, Marshfield

Gary Kaeter, 5/30/2016, Houston

Russell James Boyle, 7/1/2016, Alton

John William Curtis, 7/1/2016, Houston

Robert L Huddleson, 7/27/2017, West Plains

Alex Michael Valverde, 7/30/2017, Crocker

Cleveland L Richardson, 7/31/2017, Eminence

Danny Frank King, 5/1/2018, Warsaw

Karrissa Ashley Hicks 5/2/2018, Lebanon

Carrie Lynn Collins, 9/16/2018, Waynesville

Pedro Juan Santizo, 9/30/2018, Springfield

Kenneth Stephen Webb 4/27/2019, Ozark

Quincey Jeanne Hill, 4/27/2019, Ozark

John Cole, 5/21/2019, Forsyth

Elijah Lee McReynolds, 7/28/2019, Springfield

Travis Lee Brown, 11/30/2019, Gainesville

William Edward Wright, 12/1/2019, Lebanon

Clyde Oliver Wiser, 12/11/2019, Springfield

Cindy Ann Mulligan, 12/24/2019, Lebanon

Echo Michelle Lloyd, 5/14/2020, Warsaw

Danny K Rall, 7/5/2020, Cabool

Garrett Lindle Tarlton 8/26/2020, West Plains

Timothy K McKeithan 9/4/2020, Rolla

Limon Landon Little, 12/15/2020, West Plains

Ira Lee Briscroe, 12/17/2020, West Plains

Ashley Isbell, 2/5/2021, Camdenton

Anthony Flint Cummings, 2/26/2021, Springfield

Christopher Daniel Smith, 3/8/2021, Springfield

Sandra Ann Bennett, 4/8/2021, West Plains

Anfernee Daivion Colquitt, 4/14/2021, Springfield

Jeanna Mae Gentry 6/1/2021, Springfield

Dakota Shane Walsworth, 6/4/2021, Ava

Chandler Kirk Beshears, 6/22/2021, Bolivar

Michael A Rayle, 7/19/2021, Rolla

Jannafer Worthington, 9/26/2021, Springfield

Candice Michelle Miller 9/28/2021, Springfield

Bradley Paul, 10/8/2021, Lebanon

Kelly Maupin, 10/25/2021, Springfield

Khalid Mitchell Elam, 11/11/2021, Springfield

April Trammell 11/14/2021, Springfield

Janet Abbey, 11/26/2021, Springfield

Robert Watkins, 11/27/2021, Buffalo

Kimberley Jean Bunton, 12/15/2021, Rolla

Davon Colville, 1/9/2022, Waynesville

Kenneth Lee Cullum, 1/11/2022, Springfield

Omar Rosales-Olmos 1/19/2022, Springfield

Adam Tyler Williams, 1/24/2022, Eminence

Joseph Dean Sparks, 1/24/2022, Springfield

George Allen M Whitehead, 1/29/2022, Springfield


Kay Ilene Collins, 12/19/1978, Mountain Home

Janice K Potts, 8/28/1981, Harrison

Arlene Mary Warren, 6/17/2010 Berryville

Robert Anthony Edwards, 12/30/2013 Eureka Springs

Clarence W Eaton, 1/2/2015, Yellville

Ralph William Rush, 8/19/2019, Mountain Home

Ricci Nicole Morris, 11/13/2020 Berryville

Carson Breger, 8/21/2021, Harrison

Bo Stephen Wood, 11/15/2021 Gassville

For pictures and more in-depth information on the missing people, you can click here to see the Missouri Highway Patrol’s website or here for Arkansas’ Never Forgotten website.

If there is a person who has been reported missing but is not on this list, please email with the information.

To report a correction or typo, please email

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