2 arrested, charged for break-in theft at Harrison, Ark. car dealership.

Published: Feb. 21, 2022 at 5:23 PM CST|Updated: Feb. 22, 2022 at 7:58 AM CST
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HARRISON, Ark. (KY3) - Two Boone County residents have been arrested and charged in connection with a break-in at an auto dealership in Harrison.

Investigators say Thomas Marshall and Heather Holt, both 21, stole keys to all vehicles on the lot, along with actual cars. They accuse the pair of taking several files belonging to 62 and Madewell Auto Sales, including titles to several vehicles.

Officers responded to the reported break-in at the dealership located along Arkansas Highway 43, on Jan. 30. They say they discovered the business had been entered by prying open a window.

“I went in that morning to do some work at the car lot, and we noticed there were some cars missin’ on the front row,” said Greg Madewell, co-owner of the car lot. “Then we went inside the offices we noticed everything was destroyed and stuff taken.”

Madewell says he wasn’t concerned as much about the vehicles, which he said could more easily be found, than paperwork that was stolen.

The Boone County Sheriff’s Office began investigating the matter and early on in the investigation a third car was found abandoned close to the car lot. Deputies were able to match this car with the one Marshall had previously purchased from the lot.

”This vehicle had been having car trouble, so the customer was supposed to be brought back for repairs,” explained an investigator with the Boone County Sheriffs Office. “They thought maybe the customer had come to drop it off and it had got stolen along with the other two vehicles.”

When deputies tried to contact Marshall about recovering the stolen property, they were unsuccessful and went to his apartment.

”He turned out to be our suspect,” explained the lead investigator. “Went to his residence and discovered one of the stolen vehicles, then applied for and received a search warrant for that residence and inside found all of the items stolen in the office.”

A day later investigators say the other stolen vehicle believed to be driven by Holt was recovered at a separate location in Boone County.

”Makes me feel a lot better that we did get everything,” said Madewell. “Just keep an eye out on your stuff, that’s all I can say. I mean we ain’t been there that long, only for about a year and already got hit.”

Madewell says they have continued to upgrade security at the car lot with new surveillance cameras and exterior lighting.

Holt and Marshall both posted a bond in the case.

Marshall has been charged with:

– Commercial burglary, a Class C felony;

– Theft of property, a Class C felony

– Possession of drug paraphernalia used to ingest methamphetamine into the body, a Class D felony.

Holt has been charged with

– Theft by receiving, a Class C felony.

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