Developers revitalizing the Sho-Me Baseball Camp in Reeds Spring, Mo.

Published: Mar. 2, 2022 at 4:13 PM CST
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REEDS SPRING, Mo. (KY3) - Plans are underway for the revitalization of the historic Sho-Me Baseball Camp in Reeds Spring.

Ballparks of America owner Paul Satterwhite purchased the camp. Satterwhite hopes to preserve the history of the property for a new generation of players.

“Sho-Me Baseball Camp was open in 1958 so it has a lot of history to it,” said Sho-Me site director Jordan Yates. “There’s been a lot of baseball players and even some Hall of Famers that came out to the camp.”

Yates says as you walk through the pro shop you’ll see signed jerseys from players.

”Ozzie Smith, you’ve got Gaylord Perry signed bats and balls of these old Hall of Fame baseball players that are up there,” Yates said.

Camp officials say the plan is to expand the camp’s age range from 10-year-old boys up to 18-year-olds.

”We are really excited to come after this age group and be able to impact these high school-age kids,” Yates said. “If you ask someone about baseball in Branson they’re going to mention Sho-Me Baseball Camp.”

The camp has been shut down for the past three years due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Before tournaments start the camp will undergo a facelift while keeping the vintage feel of the fields.

”We have Brock Phipps,” said Yates. “He was the head grounds crew for the Springfield Cardinals for the last 15 years and they’re going to be ready and up to date to play at the highest level by this Easter.”

Players will also get the chance to stay and play on campus in dorms. Twin Oaks Resort owner Debbie Griskell says reopening the camp will bring a new sense of community to the area.

”Our customers love this park, it’s all about the kids and nowadays with everything going on the kids need this,” Griskell said.

Griskell says those staying near the lake enjoy attending games and cheering on the players.

”I’m glad to see it’s going to be up and running again for the kids, ‘cause they’re our future and that’s important,” said Griskell.

Yates expects to have a soft opening this summer with four to six events. Sign-ups will be available in the upcoming months.

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