2-year-old Ozark, Mo. boy recovering after swallowing rock at daycare Monday

It was a scare for an Ozark family after their 2-year-old son Ryker Slater swallowed a rock at daycare Monday. (Source: KY3)
Published: Mar. 22, 2022 at 4:34 PM CDT
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OZARK, Mo. (KY3) - It was a scare for an Ozark family after their two-year-old son Ryker Slater swallowed a rock at daycare Monday.

Caleb and Savannah Slater say in a moment’s notice their son Ryker went from playing at daycare to fighting for his life.

“There are really no words for the rash of feelings when you get that call,” said father, Caleb Slater.

When they arrived, paramedics were already performing CPR. After swallowing the rock, the Slaters say their son went into cardiac arrest, which stopped his heart for around four minutes.

”I raced down there as fast as I could but they were already on their way to Cox South where his heart stopped again for eight minutes while we were there,” Slater said.

The two-year-old was later taken to the St Louis Children’s Hospital because it is one of the only hospitals in Missouri with equipment to remove an object like this. The family was told the first 72 hours after cardiac arrest are the most critical.

”The main concern right now is his brain and his lungs,” said Slater. “The other vital organs they think are doing okay for now.”

Doctors will conduct neurological tests in the upcoming weeks. Ryker will remain on a ventilator until his lungs heal and the risk of brain swelling is reduced. Although there is uncertainty, Ryker’s family is encouraged he’s showing small signs of progress.

”He moved his toes and he’s frowned,” said mother Savannah Slater. “He’s able to show emotion.”

The Slaters say it’s very important who you choose to watch your children. Fortunately, all employees at their son’s daycare were trained in CPR.

”They did everything and I think they saved his life,” Slater said.

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