Springfield Public Works crews asking people to help report potholes

Published: Apr. 4, 2022 at 9:50 PM CDT|Updated: Apr. 5, 2022 at 9:25 AM CDT
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SPRINGFIELD, Mo. (KY3) - Public Works crews are busy making their rounds across Springfield to patch up some big potholes.

While those crews are on the lookout for potholes, the city says it also relies on drivers to help report ones they may encounter. The city says you can call 864-1010 or use its mobile app to report potholes. You can mark the location and take photos of potholes using the city’s app.

Several drivers say several potholes have opened up along Republic Road lately. For some drivers, dodging them almost becomes part of the ordinary driving routine.

”I try to swerve around [them],” driver Owen Ferguson said. “Kind of look like a drunk driver a little bit, but yeah kind of swerving back and forth trying to dodge them all.”

Ferguson said he tries to avoid any damage to his car.

”Every day it seems like more open up and some of them get big enough to eat a whole tire it seems like,” he said. “And a lot of damage to vehicles is starting to happen. Got one of my tire rods busted off.”

Other drivers say spots along Division and Glenstone are filled with potholes.

”In front of Neighborhood Walmart on Glenstone up here close to Sunshine,” described driver Paul Butler. “It’s not only a lot of potholes, it’s the actual road drains are worn out or sunken in, but it causes a lot of potholes as well.”

The city patches about 3,000 potholes a year. Crews filled 706 in February alone.

”This time of year is really whenever we start to see a lot of our potholes because after the freeze-thaw cycle of winter, then spring rains come and really kind of washes things out,” City of Springfield Public Works Superintendent of Streets Colten Harris said. “So we really start to see more of the potholes, and we get busier right about now with that.”

Manpower is a bit of a challenge right now. There is only one main patcher crew. The team said it runs through a list of locations each day, which keeps them pretty busy. The city is looking for more crews but is working to quickly patch those holes.

“We’ll get service requests from citizens and people that drive our roads every day,” Harris said. “And that’s actually something we really appreciate. That’s a way that we can be alerted to the potholes that we need to take care of there, perhaps that is more urgent or on a critical road. We love to get those requests because then we can respond to them as quickly as we can. We can usually get to them in about 48 hours, if not the day of.”

That’s exactly what crews did on parts of Republic Road on Monday. Drivers like Owen Ferguson look forward to those freshly filled spots.

”Squeaky wheel gets the grease,” Ferguson said. “Glad it’s happening.”

Many drivers say they encounter potholes on Division and Glenstone, which is one of several reasons the city is looking at reconstructing the entire roadway of Division Street.

Battlefield is also another spot drivers say they commonly run into potholes. The city says it has a major overlay project coming up on that roadway.

To download the city of Springfield’s app to report a road concert, CLICK HERE.

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