CoxHealth employees report feelings of normalcy as Covid-19 cases decline

As the number of patients seeking care for the virus declines, doctors and nurses are feeling less stressed in the workplace.
Published: Apr. 14, 2022 at 6:48 AM CDT|Updated: Apr. 14, 2022 at 6:49 AM CDT
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SPRINGFIELD, Mo. (KY3) -The Springfield-Greene County Health Department is reporting a decline in the number of daily covid cases. As the number of patients seeking care for the virus declines, doctors and nurses are feeling less stressed in the workplace.

For the last two years, healthcare workers have been overwhelmed by the effects of the pandemic but, things are looking a little more normal. Doctors and nurses are reporting that they are able to focus more on patients individually when they are not overwhelmed by the workflow that came with the virus.

“It’s a relief, getting back to some normality,” said Beth Polivka, System Chief Nursing Officer at CoxHealth. “Being a nurse when it’s normal, be being able to focus in on patients in the way you want to, as opposed to when they’re coming at us so fast. Some of those elements of the way you want to care and connect and make contact with people and being able to do that, for so many clinicians, it’s what gives the fulfillment of the job. It’s more than a job, but it’s the part that fulfills you and so being able to get back to some of that it’s been really good.”

Polivka says that doctors and nurses are spending time reflecting on the last two years and dealing with the emotions of caring for patients during the pandemic.

“The things we learned from the Delta surge and how we got better and made some changes in efficiencies, we then applied to the Omnicron surge, and we watched the ability of our teams to adapt, a little faster,” said Polivka. “I think it’s that piece of it’s the reflection of we not only have survived this but I’m so proud of us, we did this.”

One of the biggest changes supervisors are seeing is employees are starting to take some much-needed time off.

“They did that at a lot of their own expense, meaning not taking time off so that they could be here to take care of patients,” said Polivka. “Hearing the chatter about taking a vacation and being excited about being able to put some of what we consider that normal things back into life.”

Administrators say they are proud of all healthcare employees for their work during the pandemic and the biggest lesson learned during the pandemic was healthcare workers’ ability to adapt and resiliency.

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