Moms and Money: Missouri Sports Hall of Fame

A child sits in the racecar simulator at the Missouri Sports Hall of Fame.
Published: Apr. 20, 2022 at 10:18 AM CDT
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SPRINGFIELD, Mo. (KY3) - A quick drive around the Ozarks and you’ll see the love Missourians have for their favorite sports team, and, for many, that starts at a very young age.

“We are in the lobby or entryway to the Missouri Sports Hall of Fame,” said Jerald Andrews, CEO, and President of the Missouri Sports Hall of Fame. “This is called the Main Street, as it kind of depicts a storefront if you would and starts telling the story of Missouri sports right here at the beginning.”

What a history it is, the Show-Me state has a lot to show, from baseball to football and basketball and many more.

“Missouri is such a great sports state,” said Andrews. “When you start digging deeper you find out there’s so much history related to sports. You’ll see a mural here in the hall of fame that is of the first forward pass ever thrown in a football game.”

Items from Missouri’s greatest moments in sports fill the 30,000 square-foot building.

“We think of basketball, baseball, and football but there are so many different sports out there,” said Andrews. “We worked diligently related to shooting and fishing and tennis and golf and some people, of course, wouldn’t call those secondary sports but sometimes that’s the way they are treated. We’ve worked hard to try and involve more people and more sports.”

Andrews said that includes all athletes who compete in Missouri sports.

“When I got here it was baseball, basketball, and football,” said Andrews. “It was pretty well all men. Being the father of four daughters, I figured out real quick we need to do something with women and women’s sports, so we started focusing on recognizing women’s and women in sports.”}

Andrews said it’s a great way to inspire the next generation of athletes.

“When I see kids come in, I’m going to tell you when they leave, they’re thinking, I can be there someday,” said Andrews. “I’m gonna go home and start pitching right now and working on my game or shooting more baskets.”

The Missouri Sports Hall of Fame is open seven days a week. To find more about their pricing and hours, click here.

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