Time to check your AC; supply chain delays and increased costs expected

Published: Apr. 19, 2022 at 7:51 PM CDT
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SPRINGFIELD, Mo. (KY3) - With warmer temps coming up at the end of the week, some people may be turning on their air conditioning for the first time this season.

Air Services Heating & Cooling and All Service Professional Plumbing’s HVAC service manager Brett Callahan says there’s no exact time frame people need to get their maintenance done, as long as it’s at least once a year. Callahan says it’s always better to do so sooner than later before companies get backlogged with calls.

”That way, we can get out and see what’s going on, and it’s not 90 degrees, and there’s a three-week wait,” Callahan says.

If you want to make sure your unit is working correctly, Callahan says to turn it on to the cooling mode and put a thermometer in one of the vents closest to the furnace.

“Then you can monitor your air, and it should be coming out 20 degrees cooler than what it says the room temperature is on the thermostat,” Callahan says. “That’s just a good general rule of thumb to see how it’s working.”

Callahan says they see significant changes in the cost of parts, partially because of inflation. Additionally, supply chain delays are causing longer wait times for specialty parts.

“That is getting better, so it’s not as long as we were seeing going into winter and stuff like that,” Callahan says. “We’re typically seeing a week turnaround time when last year this time we could’ve been getting it next day.”

Rebecca Aegan had her air conditioning unit looked at and cleaned on Tuesday. Aegan chose to do it before it gets too hot because her AC went out in the past after the temperatures had already gone up.

“It gets really hot, and you want to turn it on, allergies are bothering you, and you can’t,” Aegan says. “Either it needs to be cleaned out outside, or it’s frozen up outside, and then nothing works, and you have to call somebody, and sometimes they can’t get in whenever you want them because they’re so booked up.”

Aegan encourages other homeowners to maintain their units before they get too hot out.

“If you’re like me, a procrastinator who waits until the last minute to have something done and then when you need it, you’re like, I can’t have it done, but I really can’t complain because you waited so long,” Aegan says.

Callahan says a dirty filter is the number one reason an AC unit doesn’t cool as well as it should.

Once you turn on your AC for the first time, that’s when he recommends changing the filter.

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