Drury University to raise tuition for upcoming semesters

Published: Apr. 25, 2022 at 8:09 PM CDT
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SPRINGFIELD, Mo. (KY3) - Private universities in Springfield like Drury and Evangel are raising tuition for the upcoming school year.

At Drury University, tuition is going up about 4.5% for students, which Executive VP of Enrollment Management Kevin Kropf says is $1,400 more than they’re paying right now.

Kropf says one of the driving factors is increased costs across campus.

”As we look at our aging infrastructure when it comes to our wireless across campus and other kinds of network costs, those are going up,” Kropf says. “As are computing costs from across campus. As prices of computers go up, we need to be able to provide good computers for our staff so technology is definitely one of the driving forces.”

Kropf says another factor increasing tuition is the need for higher salaries for staff.

“We’ve seen a lot of turnover in terms of employment at Drury University and sometimes it was financially related,” Kropf says.

Room and board is also going up between two and four percent.

Freshman Darcie Buchman says those rising costs make it harder for her to focus on academics and a social life as well.

“I come from a one-parent household so tuition is already like a pretty stressful thing,” Buchman says. “I know I’m going to have to get a lot of jobs in the summer, especially if it goes a lot higher. I’m on a couple scholarships. That’s helped my mom and me out a lot with being able to come here.”

Buchman says she’s applying for three summer jobs to save up enough money to help pay for the fall semester.

As a double major, Buchman says she doesn’t have enough time for a job during the school year.

“I’ve wanted to look at some jobs, but I know they just don’t make enough money for me to do it during the school year and waste that much time doing a job that doesn’t make that much money where I could be studying and doing all that for my school,” Buchman says.

For Drury Go students who take evening or online classes, costs are staying the same.

“We wanted to make sure that we continue to be competitive in the marketplace,” Kropf says. “Seeing that we had a price increase not that long ago, looked at our prices and said we’re not going to increase prices at this time.”

Evangel University is raising tuition by 3%, which is about $730 more for those students. However, Evangel tells KY3 that tuition for the seminary’s masters degrees has been cut by 56%.

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