RV owners in the Ozarks offer tips to protect your RV in poor weather

Updated: Apr. 28, 2022 at 9:00 PM CDT
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SPRINGFIELD, Mo. (KY3) - Recent storms have caused notable damage to some homes, businesses, and cars around the Ozarks. Storms are also risky for those who own recreational vehicles.

Dan Wallis, with Thomas & Sons RV Supply in Springfield, said always assume for the worst.

”The weather’s saying this is going to happen, and I believe it,” said Wallis. “Let’s not put the camper at risk. Let’s not put ourselves at risk.”

Many RV owners, such as Audrey Daniels and Darren Koger, said they have to deal with different circumstance than others.

“Living in Missouri, you never know when a storm is gonna pop up and the wind is gonna be there,” said Daniels.

“Be smart about the weather. Make sure you’ve got it hooked up right,” said Koger.

Wallis said, when living in an RV, you need to be extra careful and plan ahead as much as possible.

“There’s not a whole lot that you can add to your camper for protection against severe weather,” said Wallis.

However, Wallis said getting surge protectors can help against lightning and destroying your whole electrical system and overall maintenance for the domes to stop flooding.

Wallis said planning for storms and using the cardinal rule can ease the damage.

“Storms come and that awning needs to be retracted. Get it back because that becomes now a large sail on the side of your rig,” said Wallis.

Daniels and Koger agree.

“I’ve seen folks lose their [awning] before and it just tears them right off the side,” said Koger.

“I don’t even open my awning most of the time,” Daniels.

Wallis said he has seen RV owners come in with their whole RV destroyed because the awning ripped it apart. Daniels said, when you see danger, get to safety.

“I would never trust in RV in like a tornado or warning or something like that,” said Daniels. “I would never want to stay in one in those kinds of situations.”

Wallis also said, if you are in a campground or park during a severe storms, usually they have storm shelters where you can take cover. Also, having a carport could save you thousands of dollars as well.

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