On Your Side: BBB warns customers of collectible company based out of Springfield and Republic

Published: May. 10, 2022 at 9:58 PM CDT
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SPRINGFIELD, Mo. (KY3) - The Better Business Bureau is warning people about a company called Boxzilla Collectibles, LLC.

The BBB says customers have complained that Boxzilla had not answered their complaints when products weren’t shipped and then didn’t give customers refunds.

Rizi Starr ordered a Funko pop from Boxzilla Collectibles in September of 2021.

”Boxzilla made their website and their ads on Facebook very luring {alluring},” Starr says.

A month later, Starr emailed customer service to find out where the order was.

Starr says she got an email back saying her items were expected in that month, and once they shipped, she would get a tracking number.

A few weeks later, she emailed again and said she never heard back.

“They make it seem like, oh, you’re gonna get it here, and you’re gonna get it cheaper here,” Starr says. “Because they made it cheap. The Charmander, when it came out on other websites, it was like $25, and to them, it’s just $14, and you pay the shipping, so you would save like $10.”

Boxzilla posts online that its address is in Columbia, Missouri.

That address comes up like a big box store.

On Your Side looked up the state records for Boxzilla Collectibles LLC, which has a license.

We went to the Republic address listed as the principal office address to get some answers and did not get an answer.

The BBB gave Boxzilla an F rating.

Stephanie Garland with the BBB is urging customers to take time and do their research on a company before placing an order.

“Make sure it’s reputable,” Garland says. “Make sure it’s real. They’re not looking for the https in the upper lefthand corner. That “s” means secure. Instead, they may see a triangle with a little exclamation point in it, and that’s actually a warning sign telling them not to use that website.”

Another tip is to pay by credit card rather than a debit card, in case you need to challenge the payment.

That’s what Jed Werth did to get a refund for the $185 Funko Pop order he had placed with Boxzilla, and he says he never got it.

“They were showing up around here, and I’m like, well, then they should be there,” Werth says. “They should have them in stock. So then I questioned them, and then they came out with a part on their webpage for ETA, and every month you wait, and it would say arriving in January. January would come and go, and then it would change to February. And it would come and go, and finally, I got sick of it.”

To this day, Starr says she has not gotten a refund for what she ordered.

For her, not receiving the item was the most disappointing part.

“The whole point is I’m a Funko collector,” Starr says. “It’s huge and important that we get it first, but it just didn’t happen.”

Boxzilla did respond to our message on Facebook, giving us a statement.

We were unaware of most of these complaints until recently, and we are working with the BBB to get the customers taken care of. We reached out to BBB to get their article updated with correct context and information and get the names of ownership removed since they aren’t involved in the day-to-day of the company and don’t want people showing up at their homes or harassing them on social media. We have provided the following information to the BBB, and we are doing our best to take care of the complaints on the website.

See response: We are a legitimate business that is new and learning, and we have shipped over 7000 orders as well as currently about 100-150 per day and increasing while we try to catch up. However, with supply chain issues nationwide as well as delays by the manufacturer due to licensing issues for some products, we have a lot of orders simply waiting on product to arrive. We have thousands of orders received over the last year and literally hundreds and hundreds of legitimate positive reviews directly from our customers that we can share with you. I have instructed our customer service staff to respond to ALL BBB complaints and make sure that their orders are resolved how the customer would like. Are you able to re-open the ones that have closed? We have been trying to respond to them but we didn’t see them. We can get all of those taken care of no problem, or refunds if needed within 24hrs. This has been a learning process for us and our team and we are just now getting caught up with customer service, and we have also partnered with a logistics company in Missouri to help us get caught up on shipping any orders that have all items received and are ready to ship.

If you look up some of our competitors you will see that our policies regarding pre-orders are the same as theirs. We place purchase orders with Funko, EE Distribution, Diamond Comics, AE Entertainment and others and we commit financially to our purchase orders so we have a stricter than typical cancellation policy for pre-orders. Because Funko is a collectible company, there can be short supply and therefore it can take longer than expected for items to get to us. They also do not have a hard release date on new releases. They ship them as they become available and if something is delayed then we try to let customers know via email. We understand that some customers have been waiting a long time for their pre-orders to arrive, but especially when it comes to exclusives that are extremely popular, we don’t receive them until months after the first wave of shipments depending on where we were able to get on the order list. We do our best to make this information public for customers to see but placing it on all product pages and on our policy pages.

With our customer service team caught up, and our new logistics partner we will soon be in a much better position than we have been. We have been working non-stop to improve on these areas, but we have had to learn the industry and figure out how to best navigate the challenges that come with it. We are still very very new, but we want to do everything we can to meet customer expectations. Please let me know what we can do or what we can provide to earn a better rating on your website and get the negative article updated and get the complaints taken care. We can provide shipment information to show shipment numbers, or the 100s of reviews we have collected from our satisfied customers, or even invoices from vendors including Funko proving we are a legitimate retailer working as hard as we can to get all orders fulfilled.

KY3 did ask for an interview and Boxzilla Collectibles replied via Facebook messenger this:

This is being addressed and resolved with the BBB. The BBB has basically no information about our business so I don’t feel like this should be escalated like this. The LLC they have on file for example, isn’t even active or being used for official purposes. It was supposed to be a partnership that never came into effect because of how rapidly the business grew and we wanted to get everything caught up before bringing on other partners. The BBB is misrepresenting our business and while we haven’t been able to respond to all complaints we have our customer service staff working on it and they will be resolved tomorrow provided the BBB allows us to take care of them if they haven’t already been shipped or refunded.

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