Authorities and local businesses in the Ozarks give tips to prepare your homes for severe weather

Published: May. 15, 2022 at 10:33 PM CDT
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SPRINGFIELD, Mo. (KY3) - Severe storms over the past few weeks have damaged many homes and cars.

Many reports show large sized hail, sizing from a quarter to a ping pong ball.

Chad Jameson, owner of PuroClean in Springfield, said he has seen some horror stories.

“From three levels of a home, water coming from the roof all the way to the basement, we’ve basically seen it all,” said Jameson.

Jameson shares why it is important to prepare for severe weather.

”Just be proactive,” said Jameson. “Make sure that that all your equipment is working properly before the rain comes.”

Jameson said that equipment is sump pumps, clean gutters, downspouts pointed in the right direction are all for flooding. But Darren White the deputy director for Springfield-Greene County Office of Emergency Management, said for hail that is a different story.

”You’re not going to stop it,” said White. “So do everything you can ahead of time to try and reduce any damage that you might take.”

White explains that everything, is make sure windows and doors are sealed, but he says to take everything of value and put them inside sheds, cars in garages, or stake things in the ground if large gusts of wind flow through.

David Bryngelson, co-owner of SERVPRO in Springfield, a home restoration company, said he has seen hail damage roofs, make them leak, and cause flooding. He said if you see rising water be cautious.

”There could be an outlet or something that has water in it or short with electricity, so the water could be very dangerous,” said Bryngelson. “So turn off the power first.”

Bryngelson said to make sure you have rubber boots and gloves when in floodwater because it carries contaminants and start to elevate your furniture as quick as possible to save you hundred or thousands of dollars.

White also said there are other things you need to worry about that could hit your home.

”Cut dead branches out of your trees, anything that could potentially fall in the house, go ahead and remove it before the storm takes it on top of your house,” said White.

Experts also said you could use sandbags at places where water could get into, to absorb it and use a Shop Vac to get water out temporarily.

White said to always try to be prepared.

”In cases of storms, have an emergency kit, flashlight, charger for your phone, things like that,” said White.

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