FUNNY MONEY: West Plains Police Department warns for counterfeit money

Published: May. 25, 2022 at 10:19 AM CDT|Updated: May. 25, 2022 at 10:20 AM CDT
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WEST PLAINS, Mo. (KY3) - The West Plains Police Department warns of funny money spread across the city.

Police say they have received several reports of counterfeit money in recent weeks. Investigators say not all fake money is counterfeit currency. Movie prop money or toy money can sometimes be quickly passed for the real thing.

If you go to and look for the Know Your Money button, it will give you information on identifying counterfeit currency. Other valuable tools are things like Counterfeit Detector Pens. They are an easy and effective way to protect yourself or your business from counterfeit money. Make a mark on the bill in question with the pen, indicating whether it is accurate or fake. Also, Ultraviolet (UV) Lights will activate marking on the account not visible to the naked eye under normal lighting conditions.

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