Indiana driver says RV struck by BB or pellet on I-44 in Springfield

Published: Jun. 7, 2022 at 10:39 PM CDT|Updated: Jun. 8, 2022 at 8:43 AM CDT
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SPRINGFIELD, Mo. (KY3) - We’ve heard about BB gun and pellet gun shootings across Springfield neighborhoods, but one man said someone opened fire as he drove down on I-44 today.

Jonah Cannon was traveling from Indiana to California on Tuesday. He passed through Springfield while driving on I-44. Cannon said he heard something pop and fall, but he did not expect to find what he did once he pulled over.

“When I saw that, let’s just say I went to my knees,” Cannon described.

A quick stop off of I-44 revealed a shattered window on the RV Cannon was driving.

”Just thanked the good Lord,” Cannon said. “Hey, he’s watching me. There’s no doubt because if that would’ve been a few seconds faster, it could’ve been my passenger window. Who knows. Or it could have been my windshield.”

Cannon is an Army vet. He said it is pretty clear a BB or pellet gun caused this damage.

”I’m not a ballistics person or anything by that means, but it obviously looks like a pellet gun,” he said. “I looked at the blind, and the blind is indented where that hole is. I would say there is either two shooters, or he shot multiple times.”

Highway Patrol said drivers should pull over to a safe public location if something happens. Then call *55 to file a report, and be sure to tell troopers where it happened. Cannon said he did not know the exact mile marker.

”I can look up on my phone to give you a rough idea within a couple of miles, and they’re like, oh, that doesn’t matter,” he described. “They basically told me there’s nothing they can do.”

Springfield police have received reports of similar BB or pellet gun shootings. The department said those incidents can be classified in many different ways, making them tough to track.

”Vandalism, you know if a window is shot, a building is shot at, but people aren’t involved,” Cris Swaters with the Springfield Police Department described. “That’s more of a shots fired vandalism type call, whereas if there is a person involved, you’re looking more at an assault.”

Swaters encourages people always to report an incident.

”If you hear shots fired anytime, don’t go running towards it,” she said. “Get yourself to a safe place, and if you see anything or notice anything, make note of it and call 911.”

Jonah Cannon said he would be looking both ways while he drives during the rest of his trip.

”You’re definitely watching your back,” he laughed. “Definitely looking over and under when I’m driving through an overpass. It definitely changes your perception of driving across the country.”

If someone shoots at you on the highway, do not pull over to check out the damage. If you are not hurt, drive to a safe location and call 911. If you know anything about these BB gun or pellet gun shootings, call Springfield Police.

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