Springfield Police report an increase in vandalism

During the first two weeks of May, police reported 68 vandalism or graffiti incidents in Springfield.
Published: Jun. 8, 2022 at 4:07 AM CDT
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SPRINGFIELD, Mo. (KY3) -During the first two weeks of May, police reported 68 vandalism or graffiti incidents in Springfield. Vandalism can include crimes like car break-ins and commercial building damage. Officers offered a few tips on how to keep your property safe.

First, it’s best not to leave any valuables in the car. If you leave something like a phone or your wallet, keep it hidden and out of sight.

“A lot of the crime we’ve seen Springfield’s a lot of vehicle break-ins and a lot of vehicle damages,” said PAR Officer Brandon Greathouse. “Whether it be smashed windows, and so forth trying to get into your side of the car to steal your belongings. The best advice we can give is to keep all your personal belongings, anything of high dollar value, keep those out of sight, whether tucked underneath the seat or even take them with you. I personally don’t” leave anything in my car that I wouldn’t mind having stolen from me.”

Next, keep an eye on your property. You know your home or business best. Make note if anything is moved or has minor damage.

"You know what something is wrong or right with your property," said Greathouse. "If something’s been moved or misplaced or if something’s been damaged. The best thing to do is always look around for other clues that maybe you or your neighbor have also been victimized by the vandalism, and you can always call in to us, and we can do our investigation from there.”

Finally, make sure your property is well lit. Leave porch lights, and security lights on so others can see your home or business. Having a well-lit property also makes it more difficult for criminals to hide.

“Having your front door lit up, having your back door lit up. All around the day, whether you’re” home or not home, it lets your neighbor see your house,” said Greathouse. “It lets the people drive around the town. They are able to see your business, and that can show if someone’s trying to break in your door. It doesn’t matter what time of the day.”

Below is a heatmap of where these crimes are happening. Officers say if you see someone committing a crime, call 911. If you become a victim of vandalism, you can file a report online or contact the police department.

SPD reports increase in vandalism
SPD reports increase in vandalism(KY3)

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