Counterfeit money appearing in Baxter County, Ark.

Investigators are finding a majority of fake bills in $10 or $100 denominations.
Published: Jun. 17, 2022 at 6:56 PM CDT
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MOUNTAIN HOME, Ark. (KY3) - The Baxter County Sheriff’s Office received multiple reports of counterfeit currency passed at businesses in Baxter County. In particular, counterfeit $100 and fake $10 bills have been passed.

Some of these bills have Chinese writing on them. Some say “For Motion Picture Use” on the face. Others have Russian words printed on the front and back, while some do not have serial numbers.

One known man, Matthew Autry, has been arrested in connection to some counterfeit transactions. He is charged with forgery and not having a valid driver’s license.

The BCSO Criminal Investigations Division says they are looking into where the counterfeit money is coming from and whether there are additional connections in the Twin Lakes area.

“So basically, we’ve got some counterfeit money floating around,” said lead investigator Dwight Duch. “Some of it is prop money, also might be somebody manufacturing it because it’s basically two sheets of paper put together.”

Duch wants the public to be aware because he believes counterfeit money is noticeable if cashiers pay attention.

“Some of the bills don’t even have a serial number,” he explained. “Other bills have Russian language, some of them have for movie prop only printed on the face of the bill. Some with have Chinese writing printed on the back.”

Mary Henson, a cashier at the Humane Society of Mountain Home, agreed the counterfeit money was noticeable. She caught an individual passing a counterfeit $100 bill earlier this week.

“I have never ever seen anything like it before,” said Henson. “The minute you saw it, if you had any sense, you would know. It didn’t feel right. It didn’t look right. There was just nothing right about it.”

Henson notified the police by getting the individual’s name and phone number for a “warranty” on purchased items.

“There were two of them, and they were very friendly; I mean, I would have never guessed by looking at them,” she said. “Cashiers need to keep an eye out and pay attention to the bills they’re handed.”

Circulation of counterfeit bills has happened West Plains area. However, no findings have suggested a connection at this time.

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