How to cool down in the heat if you don’t have air conditioning

Published: Jun. 16, 2022 at 8:15 PM CDT
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SPRINGFIELD, Mo. (KY3) - The heat and high temps are not going anywhere anytime soon.

With that comes concerns for people who may not have access to air conditioning in their homes. Using a fan can be crucial to keep your house cool if you don’t have AC.

CoxHealth’s injury prevention coordinator Luke Spain says the more fans you can have will increase airflow. Spain also says a natural breeze in the room can protect you from heat-related illnesses.

”Another great thing you can do to reduce the heat in your house if air conditioning is not an option is just to close blinds, close curtains,” Spain says. “The less sun that’s beating in can definitely make a huge difference in the amount of heat that fills up that room and can really help you get ahead of it.”

If you have fans, you want to create airflow throughout the room.

Spain is also encouraging people to stay hydrated during these hot days.

“If you’re getting particularly hot and you’re sweating a lot, even using a cold compress and putting a cool, damp towel on your neck is gonna really work well,” Spain says. “Especially with the breeze or with the fan to help cool your body a lot faster.”

The Salvation Army is partnering with Westlake Ace Hardware for a fan drive.

Donations allow fans to be given out to anyone in the community who doesn’t have air conditioning.

Jeff Smith with the Salvation Army says 100 fans have been given out, with most of that happening this week.

“I can’t stress enough if you don’t have air conditioning and you have to deal with this heat, it’s miserable,” Smith says.

This year donations for those fans were down compared to years prior. Smith hopes people make one final push to donate with Sunday as the last day.

“For the fan drive, your money actually goes a little bit further because they can order the fans at cost and save us money that way, and we get more fans,” Smith says.

Spain says there are times when it’s hotter inside your house than outside.

“If you can go to a park where there’s a nice breeze, and you’re in a lot of shade, or if you find water and you can get down near a stream or a lake or a river, it’s gonna be a lot cooler there,” Spain says.

If you need a fan, the Salvation Army can give you one anytime throughout the summer.

You can call the office at 417-862-5509, and staff will coordinate when you can pick it up.

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