Movie theater removes warning sign for lesbian kiss in ‘Lightyear’

Published: Jun. 22, 2022 at 12:06 PM CDT
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KINGFISHER, Okla. (KOCO) – A movie theater in Oklahoma turned heads with a warning sign about Pixar’s new film “Lightyear.”

The sign said that the theater would fast-forward through a scene that briefly shows a female character kissing her female partner.

The sign read, “WARNING. Attention parents: The management of the theater discovered after booking ‘Lightyear’ that there is a same-sex kissing scene within the first 30 minutes of the Pixar movie. We will do all we can to fast-forward through that scene, but it might not be exact. We apologize for any inconvenience this late discovery of this scene causes.”

The owner of the 89′er Theater later reversed that decision, taking down the sign and saying the film would be played uninterrupted.

Parents at the theater said they had no problem with the scene. Jill Stuever, who brought her two sons to see the movie, said the kiss was not a problem in her eyes.

“Watching it, it was no big deal,” Stuever said. “It was like two seconds. Maybe like one second if you were really paying attention.”

Lilly Jiles, who brought her 5-year-old to see the movie, agrees.

“I thought it was fine,” Jiles said. “I’m fine with all kinds of different families.”

However, Jiles said she can see why the theater put up the warning sign in the first place, saying the theater probably just wanted to be transparent with audiences about the film’s content.

“I think they just wanted to be honest with people,” Jiles said.

“Lightyear” was released in theaters Friday.

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