Officials at the Springfield-Branson National Airport say to expect delays over holiday weekend

Published: Jul. 1, 2022 at 7:39 PM CDT
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SPRINGFIELD, Mo. (KY3) - As the Fourth of July weekend begins, many are starting to leave for their destination and travelers are being warned to expect delays at airports.

Flights into and out of Springfield on Friday stayed on time. That is not the case at other airports across the country.

“The agreement in the industry right now is that people should expect problems this weekend,” said Kent Boyd with the Springfield-Branson National Airport. “There are a lot more people flying that there are seats available in the air--and what that ends up meeting is really crowded flights.”

Boyd says a shortage of pilots also plays a role and creates the perfect storm of pandemic and labor issues.

”All the airlines have said that they have record reservations for this weekend, and that tells me that they are going to have problems,” said Boyd.

Travelers in the Ozarks say they are getting to the airport for their flight hours earlier because of the expected delays, which are partly caused by more people getting back on planes.

”I think you should allow for extra time more than you normally do to make sure that you got everything taken care of,” said Clark Wilkerson, Ozark traveler. “With the times the way they are right now, it’s just the smart thing to do.”

Boyd shared what the future entails for the next holiday weekend.

“It’s possible that by Labor Day, people won’t be flying nearly as much because fares are going to be a lot higher,” said Boyd. “People are going to be cutting back, and that has a lot has to do with inflation.”

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