Branson, Mo. attractions encourage extra safety during excessive heat warning

Published: Jul. 5, 2022 at 6:37 PM CDT
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BRANSON, Mo. (KY3) -Branson’s busy summer tourist season is in full swing. And while an excessive heat warning is in effect, attractions are taking extra steps to ensure visitors are safe.

When it’s this hot outside, Silver Dollar City park officials say the number one thing visitors need to do is hydrate. Many guests say they found numerous ways to cool off.

Guest William Wasburn says the park has numerous fans and water stations to help out with the heat.

”There’s also a bunch of sprinklers that you can cool off with and a bunch of icees and slushies,” Wasburn said. “All that good stuff.”

Kansas City’s Austin Ferguson says on hot summer days like this. His family hydrates the night before and throughout the day.

“We went over to the splash pad to cool off,” Ferguson said. “It’s really hot out today. It’s just nice to have somewhere to get away from the heat for a little bit.“

”When it’s this hot outside, we really want people to be pushing about five to seven ounces of non-caffeinated fluids every 15-20 minutes,” said Silver Dollar City Vice President of Operations Jeff Ussery.

Ussery says on a 100-degree day. Nothing beats hopping on a water ride to cool off.

”It is important it cools your body down,” Ussery said. “You can go back out, take some time in the park and find some air conditioning. You’ll get real cool real quick.”

Staff safety is equally as important. That’s why each ride has fans for employees, and they work split shifts to allow for more breaks.

”We also have water jugs at every ride and multiple of them on bigger rides so they can always be filling up their water,” said attractions supervisor Laramie Low.

Employee Molly Mcafee says her boss even brought her a neck wrap that you soak in cold water to cool her down.

“It makes you feel like a new person because it’s really hot,” Mcafee said.

“We always want to make sure we are the ones going out and showing them we want them to stay cool,” Food division operations manager Joel Smart said. “If we set that example, then we hope they’ll take that seriously throughout the day.”

Ussery says the park also has a fully staffed first aid department ready to assist with any medical emergencies.

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