Leigh’s Lost and Found: Meet the man who saved this lost dog hit by a train

Lost dog hit by a train is saved by a railroad conductor
Lost dog hit by a train is saved by a railroad conductor(kytv)
Published: Jul. 21, 2022 at 12:09 PM CDT
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SPRINGFIELD, Mo. (KY3) - In today’s Leigh’s Lost and Found, a success story the owners of a lost dog are calling a miracle.

A Labradoodle named Yoda had been missing for four days when her owners got a call they couldn’t believe.

“I’m a conductor for BNSF Railway here in Springfield.”

A few weeks ago, Jacob Steed saw something disturbing on the tracks.

He says, “as we were coming into Springfield, there’s a crossing at Catalpa and right before that crossing, we see a dog that’s in between the tracks. It was odd because the dog, when we went over the top of her, she was laying and wasn’t moving, so we assumed she was deceased at the time.”

That dog was Yoda. Jacob saw she had a collar on and went back after his shift so he could give her owners closure.

“The second I slid down the embankment, she popped her head up at me at which time I knew she was alive. At least four or five trains had gone over her. She was very fortunate, she was in between the tracks and we have a certain height above the rail and she was able to clear it.”

Yoda’s family had been posting her on my Lost and Found page for days and were initially very worried when they got Jacob’s call.

“I thought there was no way she could be alive after that.”

Annie Scheer’s aunt is Yoda’s owner and quickly got her from the tracks to an emergency vet. She had severe head trauma and a big cut on her hip.

Annie says, “they said the first 24 hours after she got there would be the most crucial time.”

At the end of those 24 hours though, Yoda was stitched up, alert and ready to go home.

Jacob told us, “it’s amazing! Absolutely amazing. I’m pumped that she’s doing so well.”

Annie says, “he saved her life. We are all so thankful to him. It means so much that he would come back after work, on his personal time, just to give us closure. He didn’t even think she was going to be alive, he was just giving us closure. It’s just a miracle and we’re so thankful for him.”

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