Teachers ask for community support through Amazon wish lists

School is right around the corner, and teachers are trying to prepare their classrooms.
Published: Aug. 1, 2022 at 5:35 AM CDT
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SPRINGFIELD, Mo. (KY3) - School is right around the corner, and teachers are trying to prepare their classrooms. You can help supply a classroom by purchasing items on your favorite teacher’s amazon wish list.

Teachers are allocated a budget each year to supply their classrooms with educational materials. Sometimes that budget isn’t enough, and teachers spend their own money to supply their classrooms. So teachers are turning to Amazon wish lists to supply their classrooms.

“I’ve had an Amazon wish list for my classroom for the past three or four years,” said Monett High School English Teacher Chelsea Wagner. “It really helps get all the resources I need for my classroom without having to use my own money.”

“Last year, I spent about $400 of my own money per month because the funds just were not there,” said High School Special Education Teacher Lana Moore. “On my list are things I would love to start some entrepreneurial skills with my special ed kids. I do a community-based instruction class where that’s teaching them skills to go out into the community, pay bills, soft skills, and things that they go into need to survive in the real world.”

Items on these lists are often recognizable school supplies. Folders, paper, and pens are just a few common items, but there might be a few items that students need so they can focus on learning.

“Some of the kids can’t afford lunch, so I will sometimes buy snacks here in my room if they get hungry,” said Wagner. “I even have some feminine hygiene products that have been purchased before.”

“Some of these kids, they’re relying on themselves. They’re at the poverty level,” said Moore. “So they’re the ones that are having to figure out ways how can I help my family, and I would love to bring in some more skills to that. On my classroom list, I have put a little portable laser engraver, I have put soapmaking, I have put lip balm making, In addition to the classroom supplies.”

Here is how it works teachers are posting these lists on social media, and community members can click on a link, go through the list and purchase an item. Once the item is purchased, Amazon will ship it to the school. Teachers say the help makes a big difference.

“Having a classroom list like this where others can help it’s going to make a big difference in these kids’ lives,” said Moore. “I’ve already had a couple of parents send some things, and I’m so grateful for them. So when we all work together like that, to create the community, that also gives the kids the knowledge, there are people out there willing to work with them to help them.”

“The first time I made my Amazon wishlist, things were flying off as faster than I can keep up with,” said Wagner. “I have friends who bought full sets of books. I have people that bought $50 worth of things in one go, and it’s just it’s a blessing.”

To help a teacher, you can search #clearthelist or #amazonclassroomlist on Facebook or Twitter to find teachers and links.

If you are a teacher, make sure to get approval before creating an Amazon Wishlist. Some districts have policies against accepting donations without school board or administrator approval.

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