Moms and Money: Pokemon League Play

Kids learn how to play Pokemon, the trading card game at Collectomaniacs inside Battlefield Mall.
Published: Aug. 3, 2022 at 6:49 PM CDT
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SPRINGFIELD, Mo. (KY3) - When walking into Collectomaniacs, inside Battlefield Mall, it’s easy to think a poker tournament is taking place. There is same shuffling and cutting of the decks and stare-downs from players. However, it isn’t poker they’re playing on this Monday night, it’s Pokemon.

“So tonight we have our local Monday night League,” said Tanner Caplinger, the event coordinator at Collectomanicas. “Essentially, we have players show up from all age ranges to play in a tournament.”

This Monday night league play has brought out kids and adults alike.

“Pokemon can be a little bit of a complicated game, the further into it you get, but on the basic side of things, it’s a very entry-level game,” said Caplinger. “Anybody can pick it up and learn.”

Caplinger is also an avid player himself.

“It’s definitely a nostalgia factor,” said Caplinger. “So with people my age, you know, in the mid to late 20s, It’s something we grew up on. It was the 1990s, late 90s, the show came out the card game came out.”

Caplinger said it’s a game that’s a new resurgence in the past few years.

“Nowadays, the kids are getting into it,” said Caplinger. “I have a feeling it’s a lot of the Logan Paul effect. So a couple of years ago, during COVID, he started buying Pokemon cards. Kids love YouTube nowadays. So it got children into the card game, which is great for us because we just get to help grow the community.”

Caplinger said it’s also not a hobby that requires deep pockets.

“So Pokemon is actually one of the cheapest card games to get into,” said Caplinger. “You can essentially build a meta deck, which just means that it’s one of the better decks that you can play for low end for $50 to $60.”

Caplinger said it’s the conversations on their way to tournaments or during the game that makes it worthwhile.

“You can go to a regional where there’s bikers, there’s nerds, there’s people from all age ranges,” said Caplinger. “I love having the community because I’ve met a bunch of guys that I’ve traveled the country with to play this card game. It’s friendships that I’ll never forget and that I’m happy to have but seeing the kids get into it is great, because that just means that the game will keep going for years and years beyond whenever I’m done with it.”

Collectomaniacs hosts Pokemon League Play on Monday nights for $5 to $10 and the chance to win prizes. This Saturday, August 6th, they’re hosting a Pokemon Beginner and Trading Day. It’s free to attend and starts at 4 p.m. To learn more click here.

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