Springfield investors turn long-term rentals into Airbnbs

Published: Aug. 10, 2022 at 5:15 PM CDT
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SPRINGFIELD, Mo. (KY3) -Trying to rent a home can be just as difficult as buying one in this market.

You’ll have to move fast if you are looking for a rental here in Springfield.

“Now it has been just a free for all lately to where you could have a property come on the market and have multiple applications on it within a matter of hours,” Paul Dizmang from Dizmang Realtors says.

They are quality applicants, too, and some are willing to sign on the dotted line without ever seeing the property.

Springfield is growing in population, but so is the amount of homes being converted into Airbnbs. Some people are choosing that route over the long-term rentals.

“In 2022, I didn’t have an open weekend a few open days, but the cabins stay pretty fairly booked,” Courtney Gabel, owner of Gabel Cabins, says. She owns some rental properties too but says the Airbnbs have taken off for visitors during the pandemic.

She says many prefer staying at Airbnbs over hotels because they offer more privacy and amenities like kitchens.

“It has just grown so much tremendously over the last four years,” Gabel says.

According to the city of Springfield, there are 192 licensed Airbnbs in Springfield. It says there are 43 pending for their license as well.

Airbnbs must be registered in Springfield and pay a one-time fee of $393 and $25 yearly.

The city did confirm that the way they monitor licensed versus unlicensed is by complaints. It says they believe there is a number operating unlicensed in Springfield.

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