Arkansas, Missouri truck drivers see pay increase

Published: Aug. 11, 2022 at 5:46 PM CDT
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THAYER, MO. (KAIT) - Truck drivers in the region have seen a little more cash added to their wallets recently.

A study showed wages had increased across the board to keep retention rates high and turnover rates low.

The Arkansas Truckers Association showed a hike in salary for truck drivers in the state.

This isn’t the case only in Arkansas, but states like Missouri are seeing it as well.

Working shortages across the board have motivated companies to increase pay to their employees and get them to stay with the company.

Kelly Steed, the operation manager for Steed Brother’s Trucking in Thayer, explained wages weren’t the greatest a few years ago, but the pay increase has been a welcomed sight.

“For many years the rates were stagnant. They stayed the same,” he said. “It just did not catch up with the inflation that we’re seeing.”

While the pay increase is excellent for truck drivers, Steed said this is something that was absolutely necessary.

“I would say the past two to three years, the rates have increased tremendously. They’ve had to in order to lure more potential drivers,” he said.

Steed said his company is doing well even with the raises, but like everyone else, they’ve been weighed down by higher prices.

“Insurance, fuel, we’ve seen some over $5.25 a gallon fuel this summer,” he said.

Steed added his company is always looking for experienced and motivated drivers.

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