Carroll County, Ark. property values rising; residents appeal reappraisals

Published: Aug. 12, 2022 at 5:50 PM CDT
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BERRYVILLE, Ark. (KY3) - Carroll County residents have until August 15 to appeal property value reappraisals mailed in July.

Carroll County, Arkansas, has seen a lot of growth in the last five years, something many believe is being driven by out-of-state buyers relocating to the area.

“We see a lot of Texans moving into my neighborhood in Eureka Springs,” said Melinda Large, a county resident. “They’re majorly older people who appear to be at or close to retirement age.”

“We get a lot of people moving in from Texas and buying up this Arkansas land,” said Jeannie Davidson, the Carroll County assessor. “It’s hard to pinpoint the reason for that, but usually what we see is those buyers selling previous properties at a much higher price than what’s typical around here.”

The county assessor’s office has been in the middle of a reappraisal year, and many homeowners see noticeable increases due to homes selling for twice as much as their purchase price.

“Unprecedented sales, especially anything that’s on Beaver Lake, Eureka Springs city is a hot spot,” said Jeannie Davidson. “Affordable housing is enough an issue for those younger generations that want to stay here, and as purchases continue to drive the market up, it only adds to the situation.

Davidson says the average homeowner saw a 40% increase in value with their property reappraisal, which is an effort for the county to align with the current market.

“But I know it’s a seller’s delight, and thus it has caused a reevaluation, which now is the appraisals we are all getting our sheets of paper on,” said Large. “It comes with home ownership. Yes, there are always reappraisals. You must read them very carefully. Because if you don’t, your time limit is coming up very short to re-appeal anything.”

A process many residents are currently going through in the county; following reappraisal notices sent out last month.

“You have an opportunity if you’re not happy with your appraisal to go to the board of EQ, they’ll make you an appointment, and we’ve got a bunch of stuff that will already be days and days of appointments,” said Davidson. “If you think that you’re being overtaxed or overvalued, you certainly need to come in and at least plead your case.”

To begin the process, you need to reach out to the assessor or county clerk’s office to receive an application for adjustment.

Carroll County Assessors Office: (870) 423-6400

Carroll County Clerks Office: (870) 423-2022

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