Allergies lingering into the fall in the Ozarks

After high allergies this spring and summer
Published: Aug. 23, 2022 at 6:04 PM CDT
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SPRINGFIELD, Mo. (KY3) - After our wet spring and hot, humid, and dry summer across the Ozarks, allergy levels have remained relatively high, with recent allergy counts showing high mold levels, grass, and ragweed.

Although the spring and summer seasons are the typical allergy seasons, Dr. Nancy Yoon from the Springfield-Greene County Health Department says to be cautious during the upcoming fall season.

“The allergy season usually does start in the springtime, and it can taper off,” says Dr. Yoon. “There are also allergies that can be more predominant in the early fall season. There can still be allergens in the air and the environment. We do continue to do our pollen counts until our first frost.”

In addition to over-the-counter and prescription medications, Dr. Yoon also states that there are easy ways to stay aware of any days with high allergies and to reduce your symptoms from or exposure to allergens. Residents can always check the latest pollen count with the health department to plan for the day. If you have outdoor plans, Dr. Yoon suggests you change your clothes after you are done being outside and wash them before going to sleep. That, and showering after outdoor activities, can prevent allergens from getting onto your bedsheets.

“People can also look at their air filter systems inside their home,” Yoon adds. “Make sure that the air filters are clean. If they’re old, think about replacing them or having them cleaned out.”

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