ON YOUR SIDE: Scammers posing as Christian County Sheriff’s Office deputies

Published: Aug. 31, 2022 at 9:38 PM CDT
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CHRISTIAN COUNTY, Mo. (KY3) - A scam is sweeping southwest Missouri. Law enforcement asks you to watch out for a man impersonating a Christian County deputy.

Cheri Ikerd, from Hickory County, said on August 30, she received a call from a man who had an aggressive voice and used persuasive language, claiming there was a warrant out for her arrest and deputies could come to her house.

“I was scared that people were going to show up on my doorstep,” said Ikerd

Ikerd used to live in Christian County years ago. She knew something was up when someone called her impersonating a Christian County sheriff’s deputy.

“(It was a) courtesy call that I had two class E misdemeanors filed against me because I missed a jury summons appearance, and the judge had put out a warrant for my arrest,” said Ikerd.

Ikerd said she at first believed the man because she recently had a jury summons from Hickory County, but she pressed him, and the scammer folded.

“I continued to ask these questions. He started getting agitated more,” said Ikerd.

Ikerd said she was skeptical when the man used a name and address she used 20 years ago, and she had two options; she could go through the court system or option B.

“He never actually got to Option B. I’m going to assume that option B was that I could send money somewhere,” said Ikerd.

Ikerd said the man tried to convince her it was for federal court and used a 417 area code number, but after the call, she saw it came from Neosho, Missouri, adding to the confusion.

Christian County Sheriff Brad Cole said if there is a warrant for your arrest, you are in for a rude awakening.

“If you have a warrant, we’re going to come to see you, and we’re going to arrest you,” said Sheriff Cole. “We’re going to take you to jail. We just don’t call.”

Sheriff Cole said these are automated or changed numbers impersonating the sheriff’s office, and there is one easy solution.

“Hang the phone up,” said Sheriff Cole.

Sheriff Cole said not to give out any personal information to the scammers, and Ikerd pleas to others who may get this call, to be skeptical.

“Be aggressive, don’t give in to what they’re saying,” said Ikerd. “As soon as I got kind of a little snarky with him, he hung up on me.”

Ikerd said another tactic she used was to offer to come to the Sheriff’s Office, making the scammer go into panic mode.

Sheriff Cole said if this happens to you, call the office at (417) 582-5330, and they will try to figure out who is doing this.

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