Live, Life, Well: Advice from experienced dads for new fathers

A newborn – may be the single biggest adjustment men will make in their life.
Published: Sep. 27, 2022 at 6:00 PM CDT
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SPRINGFIELD, Mo. (KY3) - The months with the highest birth rates include June, July, August, and September in the United States. The data from the Census Bureau shows we should have several new dads out there. So, this Live, Life, Well is dedicated to you.

A newborn may be the most prominent adjustment men will make in their lives. The new family member will require care, time, and an adjustment to your sleep schedule. So, nap when you can. They always say when the baby sleeps, you should sleep. When the baby is awake, you should hold that baby as much as possible. It’s important for bonding.

“So, you can kind of read it signals,” Explained Clinical Psychologist Dr. Jennifer Baker of Good Dads. “You know, if you think about it, if you’ve ever had a puppy, you kind of or you kind of pay attention to the signals of that puppy when the puppy needs to go out or what that mean barking or whining means what’s the same thing with a baby. So, every baby has its own personality, and you need to get involved right away.”

It’s also important to get one-on-one time with your child. Dr. Baker says you should tell your wife early on, “It’s okay, you go take a nap. Or, you get your nails done or go to the store. I’ve got this.” This is good for the mom and the dad, and it’s good for the baby.

Do realize that you’ll be a little cranky when you’re sleep-deprived. So, you might need to let other things go in favor of getting enough rest and taking care of yourself for those first few months.

Dr. Baker has a number of podcasts on this topic with experienced dads. If you want to listen, click here.

Dr. Baker also suggested this story for new dads.

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