Camdenton Board of Aldermen voting on speed limit reduction in school zone

Published: Oct. 4, 2022 at 4:58 PM CDT
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CAMDENTON, Mo. (KY3) - Hundreds of drivers travel Business Route 5 daily in Camdenton, including those dropping off and picking up their kids from school.

Police could soon start ticketing drivers who don’t lay off the gas pedal if the Camdenton Board of Aldermen approves the city ordinance.

”When they had turned Route 5 over to the city, MoDOT had set the speed limit to 30 mph, and the city continued, and it is pretty consistent with the rest of city limits,” said Police Chief Jeff Beauchamp. He says the new sign with lights was installed earlier this year.

”During the school zone, during the hours that the lights are flashing, we dropped it to 15 miles an hour,” said Chief Beauchamp.

It is to deter people from speeding on the road as the middle school sits right off it. It has not been enforceable because it was not written into the city ordinance.

”We have just been issuing warnings up to this point right now. Once it is enacted in the ordinance, anybody violating that speed limit would be subject to being issued a citation and to administer Municipal Court for the violation of the speed limit,” said Chief Beauchamp.

It follows complaints in the past of drivers speeding.

“We’ve had several complaints about people speeding down through there and the concerns of people with the 30 miles an hour and people not obeying by the 30 miles an hour with kids crossing the roadway and you know school buses entering and exiting the school,” said Chief Beauchamp.

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