Leigh’s Lost and Found: Keep your eyes to the sky for this missing Cockatiel

Published: Oct. 6, 2022 at 11:30 AM CDT
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SPRINGFIELD, Mo. (KY3) - In our Leigh’s Lost and Found today, one pet owner is asking you to keep your eyes to the sky..

That owner’s beloved cinnamon cockatiel flew away last weekend and she’s trying everything she can think of, to track him down..

“I got him when he was 10 days old and I hand fed him until he was weaned.”

Yoshi is like a child to Patricia Plumb, an avid bird lover with an array of avians at her Springfield home.

“She’s definitely upset that he is gone.”

Princess is Yoshi’s buddy and Patricia is using her call to try to lure him back.

Patricia tells us, “I brought her out here hoping maybe her being out and calling, maybe he’d find his way home.”

Yoshi got out through a feeding door on his cage that somehow got loose.

Patricia lives right next to Bass Pro off Whiteside and Campbell and she thinks he’s sticking close by. She’s asking everyone to watch for him and listen for his unique vocal tricks.

“When someone calls you on facebook messenger, he can mimic that ringtone. And he’ll whistle that pretty bird at you.”

Patricia says, “If they can get ahold of him without startling him, just throw him in a box. It doesn’t even have to be a cage, throw him in a box and get ahold of me. I will be there immediately, I will fly faster than flash to get him back.”

Patricia is also using social media to get the word out. Anything to make sure her buddy is okay and back with his flock.

“It’s just like going to bed not knowing if my child is okay. Is he cold, hungry, is somebody hurting him? I don’t know and it’s been very hard.”

If you see Yoshi or can catch him, contact Patricia at the facebook link below.

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