Access to broadband is difficult in rural Camden County

“Internet has become almost as important a utility as gas or electricity”
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Published: Oct. 17, 2022 at 6:36 PM CDT
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CAMDEN COUNTY, Mo. (KY3) - Access to fast internet is a challenge for many people in rural parts of Camden County.

”Internet has become almost as important a utility as gas or electricity,” said Commissioner Don Williams.

Gary Steene lives in Camden County. He says he does not have great cell service or reliable internet where he lives.

“Right now we got one, well, two neighbors, they live in one house. Both of them have got the dish and they don’t like it. It’s too slow for the... you know, we had some people who were going to buy a house, but they decided not to buy it because they worked from home and just didn’t have the service to get out,“ said Steene.

He says he uses a satellite right now, but if the weather is bad that does him no good.

”With bad weather or satellite shuts down, you can’t get anything out. The Wi-Fi that I have now on my phone is hooked up, and if it’s not working, we can’t get out at all,“ said Steene.

Commissioner Don Williams says this has been a project for him over the past few years.

”I was talking with a lot of people who had moved here and had trouble getting internet. I formed a citizen’s internet advisory group. We started looking into the problem, and we found that the internet providers were running into difficulties,” said Williams.

The group came up with a survey for people to fill out to let the broadband companies know who has the internet and who does not.

”If they can go to the library or door somewhere where they do have internet and searched for the University of Missouri Extension’s website. There is a page on there where you can fill out a questionnaire. The University Extension makes that page available to the broadband providers,” said Williams.

Commissioner Williams says the county is looking at getting some grants that would bring better access to the internet.

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