Camden County, Mo., man dies after accidentally shooting himself while cleaning gun

Published: Oct. 20, 2022 at 5:04 PM CDT
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CAMDENTON, Mo. (KY3) - A Linn Creek, Mo. man died after accidentally shooting himself over the weekend while cleaning his gun.

Camden County Sheriff’s Office has not released the name of the victim.

Police and gun shop employees want to remind people to be safe with firearms.

“The Cardinal safety rule of gun ownership is to treat every gun as if it’s loaded, no matter what. That will prevent accidents from happening,” said Sgt. Scott Hines with the Camden County Sheriff’s Office.

Sgt. Hines says it is essential to know your gun.

”If we assume that a firearm is unloaded when it’s handed to us, accidents can happen. So it’s up to the user, it’s up to the person handling the firearm to ensure that every gun you’re holding is unloaded,” said Sgt. Hines.

Justin Brammer works at Ground Zero in Camdenton. He says having a clean gun is part of being a responsible gun owner.

”To me, the number one rule in cleaning your gun is making sure that there are no rounds in your weapon. So if there’s a magazine, you want to pull your magazine out, make sure there are no rounds in it, put it off to the side, and you want to make sure if it’s a revolver, there are no rounds in your cylinder. Definitely, there are no rounds in your barrel,” said Brammer.

He says it comes down to one thing, respect.

”We respect the tool and use it in a proper way, and it is no more dangerous than anything else,” said Brammer.

As we get closer to firearms deer hunting season, Sgt. Hines says to do your research.

“Hunting accidents happen every year during fall firearms deer season and spring turkey season. So we are aware that those accidents will happen, and the Missouri Department of Conservation does a really good job of making sure that that safety information is put out.”

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