On Your Side: Ways to save with Thanksgiving dinner

Published: Nov. 15, 2022 at 4:27 PM CST|Updated: Nov. 15, 2022 at 4:38 PM CST
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SPRINGFIELD, Mo. (KY3) - Small changes can mean big savings.

Thanksgiving dinner does not have to cost you a lot more this year. You’ve seen the headlines. Inflation and a turkey shortage mean markups nearing 30 percent. You don’t have to go without. You just have to get creative.

If you must have the bird, buy a frozen one now. Prices will be even higher this weekend. It pays to shop around. Compare per pound, and you’ll save. Maybe don’t buy whole.

“There are some places that will sell the breast individually, and that often is a little less expensive,” said Nicole Young, Executive Chef.

Turkey is tradition, but maybe it’s time to mix it up.

“Hams are more affordable right now. If you’re willing to do full chickens, those are great. Honestly, my favorite substitute is a pork tenderloin. You can season it the same way you do turkey. It takes a lot less time to cook. You’re going to save a lot of time in the kitchen, but it still has that hearty full muscle meat and feel to it. You can have that carved feel to it,” said Young.

Buy off-brands or store brands. You’ll pay less, and Young says you’ll get the same.

“Those are often packed in the same locations as the name brands. A lot of times, it ends up being the same product. I would encourage exploring those off-brands. You are going to season it up and flavor it how you want it, anyway. The beginning brand is not as important as the end result,” she said.

Use the potluck rule. Everyone brings a dish, so the host is not stuck with a big grocery bill. Salads, cold dishes, and snacks are cheaper.

Always buy in bulk, freeze and reuse.

You’ve probably seen these promotions. This month, Aldi has what they call rewinding prices back to 2019 on Thanksgiving classics. Walmart is offering last year’s prices until the day after Christmas. On Your Side spent time price comparing these two stores. If you want to save the most on groceries, you’ll need to shop at different places. Not one offers more savings than the other.


  • Turkey -$1.18 lb $24.49, 16-24 pounds Butterball
  • Corn- 50 cents per can
  • Rolls- $7.50, 20 rolls
  • Cranberry - $1.76 can (Ocean Spray)
  • Green beans – 50 cents can
  • Pumpkin pie $4.28 (store)
  • Whip cream $1.94 16 oz
  • Russet potatoes - $2.78 5 lbs
  • Stuffing $1.98 Stove Top, 6 oz.


  • Turkey -$1.07 lb $18.97 16-22 pounds Butterball
  • Corn- 65 cents can
  • Rolls - $4.00, 10 rolls
  • Cranberry - $1.45 (Sweet Harvest)
  • Green beans - 65 cents can
  • Pumpkin pie $4.95 (store)
  • Whip cream 69 cents
  • 8 oz Russet potatoes $5.49 10 lbs
  • Stuffing- $2.55 Stove Top, 6 oz.

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