Will Missouri voters decide on abortion ballot measure in 2024?

Missouri voters passed recreational marijuana through ballot measure in midterm election
Published: Nov. 18, 2022 at 10:21 PM CST
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ST. LOUIS (KMOV) - Abortion rights advocates in Missouri are considering a ballot measure in 2024 to legalize abortion.

Recreational marijuana supporters got the measure on the ballot this November. It passed in this year’s midterm elections. Abortion rights supporters are considering the same action.

Last week, voters in California, Vermont and Michigan voted to further protect abortion rights. Voters in Montana and Kentucky voted to not further restrict abortion rights, which is a win in the eyes of some abortion rights advocates.

“There’s a very good possibility that signatures will be gathered to protect abortion rights in the Constitution of Missouri,” said longtime politician and newly-elected Missouri District 98 Rep. Deb Lavender.

“If they decide to go through with it, we’ll assume that they’ll get the signatures, and it will be on the ballot,” said Samuel Lee, director of Campaign Life Missouri, an anti-abortion rights group. “One of the things we’re considering within the pro-life community is to have our own ballot measure. I know that pro-abortion forces were able to get ballot measures passed in Vermont, California and Michigan, but Missouri is a much more pro-life state than any of those three states.”

“2024--we could have both issues on the ballot at the same time,” Lavender said.

The Missouri secretary of state is currently accepting petitions to amend the state constitution for the 2024 election.