Neighbors are excited for Nixa’s Truman Blvd. extension project to finish

Published: Nov. 27, 2022 at 9:03 PM CST
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NIXA, Mo. (KY3) - A significant road extension project in Nixa is closing a large part of Norton Road starting November 28. Some people will have to find alternate routes.

According to Nixa officials, Norton Road will be closed on November 28. It will remain closed until Truman Blvd. The extension project is complete. Norton will be closed from S. West Street through W. Butterfield Dr.

Nixa officials said the Truman Blvd. extension Project is underway, connecting neighborhoods and helping improve traffic flow.

Neighbors in Nixa, Herb Lunday and Angela Owen, are excited about it.

“Putting in a nice thoroughfare with sidewalks,” said Lunday. “It’s going to be wonderful.”

“I’m excited about it,” said Owen. “But obviously, with the road getting closed off, it will make our trips, our commute a little more challenging.”

Lunday and Owen said they are optimistic about the road changes, even with the construction. They said they had been living in the area for years and needed the change.

“It’ll be better for traffic, certainly more convenient,” said Lunday. “In and out of the neighborhoods, a safer route.”

“You want to grow and bring in people, so I’m excited, and I do think it was necessary,” said Owen.

The closures will be spreading throughout Norton road.

The project will cost roughly $2 million, and we don’t know when it will be completed.

Owen said the best part about the project is the sidewalks.

“Sidewalk runner, I love to walk to and from, and so when we moved here about six years ago, that was a challenge for me because there’s not a place for me to get straight downtown,” said Owen.

Truman will have sidewalks connecting State Highway 14 to West Pembrook Ave.

Nixa officials said they hope the extension will improve traffic flow and safety for everyone, and most neighbors can’t wait for the finished product.

The Truman Blvd. extension project will extend Truman Blvd. from Heather Glenn Dr. south to the intersection of Bailey Street and Livingston south to Norton Road. The city says the extension of Truman to Norton will mean Norton will be renamed, Truman.

Both Lunday and Owen hope this improves their area.

“Very pleased with the city’s decision to move forward,” said Lunday.

“It’ll be a challenge but we’re excited to see as it continues to grow and what it brings to Nixa,” said Owen.

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