Drivers concerned about traffic at Glendale High School during pickup

Published: Dec. 5, 2022 at 9:58 PM CST
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SPRINGFIELD, Mo. (KY3) - New concerns are arising about traffic overflow on S. Ingram Mill Road in Springfield and that it’s a problem during school pickup at Glendale High School.

“Our issue tends to be at pickup in the afternoons,” said Principal Groves. “Glendale High has larger freshman and sophomore classes this year which are typically the students who don’t drive yet.”

“Cars are getting in the other lane and passing all the cars in line for the school and it’s very dangerous to the other traffic coming in the opposite direction,” said Karl Sweikhart, grandparent. “I got to keep situational awareness of everything that’s going on.”

Sweikhart picks up his grandson from school and says too many drivers try to get around the line on Ingram Mill.

”The line of cars for Glendale stretches to the intersection of E. Sunset St. and Ingram Mill Rd.,” said parent Cythina Wright. “The traffic gets backed up past that and then people go around and because of the curb lots of times they jump the curb into oncoming traffic.”

Cynthia says drivers get impatient.

“There’s a lot of traffic running of people that aren’t waiting for their kids and they have places that they want to get,” said Wright.

The Glendale High School principal says there are ways to prevent the issue.

“We have parents who come and start to wait in line to pick up students as early as 1:30p.m. or so in the afternoon and the more people that come early and wait that’s where the congestion starts to be,” said Groves.

Principal Groves says to not come early and to take advantage of alternative pick up spots located at north and south side of the building.

For now the district asks for patience and to follow the suggestions put in place.

“Those are our kids that are out there and we really care that they can can make it home safely,” said Groves.

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