Keeping up momentum on your New Year’s resolution of fitness

Fitness Lab at SIRO One Za'abeel, Dubai
Fitness Lab at SIRO One Za'abeel, Dubai(PRNewswire)
Published: Dec. 28, 2022 at 4:40 AM CST
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SPRINGFIELD, Mo. (KY3) - Many of us will start the new year with a resolution and the motivation to get in shape but, just months in, we find ourselves going back to old habits.

According to, 50% of people who make news resolutions have a goal of being healthier or getting fit, but it’s hard to keep up that momentum. While gyms see an enrollment boost at the start of the new year, membership can fall off after a few months. David Poland, Owner and Trainer at Xfit in Springfield says one way to stay on track with your resolution is to count even the smallest achievements.

“Whatever your end goal that you’re wanting, stacking those short-term victories that will lead up to that end goal. And that could be something small like walking your neighborhood 3 times a week, or ‘I got 3 weight training sessions,’ or I drank half a gallon of water a day. You know those little things that you’re doing on a daily basis.”

Poland also recommends keeping yourself accountable by sharing your goals with others can keep you motivated.

“Life happens, things come up, we have stressors, different things that happen in life. And having somebody kind of on your side that’s going to motivate you in those tough trials that ‘hey you still gotta show up,’ that’s going to push you and be there for you so that you stay on that long-term path.”

Here are some additional tips:

- implement reasonable health changes a little at a time. Increase your water intake, go on walks, take vitamins or pick up an outdoor hobby

- try to plan your meals, that way you can control what you eat and you’re less likely to find yourself eating a fast-food meal of convenience

- if possible, have an expert make a custom diet or fitness plan for you so you can accelerate your results

- write down your goal somewhere you see it every day to keep your eye on the prize

- reward yourself for small achievements, not with treats necessarily but things like a new book, new shirt or 30 minutes of guilt-free lounge time

- work on resolving issues that are hindering your health, like poor stress management or prior injuries, by working with professionals

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