Lake Ozark Fire Protection District implements cyanokits in ambulances

Lake ozark fire protection district will now have these on their ambulances.
Lake ozark fire protection district will now have these on their ambulances.(kytv)
Published: Jan. 10, 2023 at 4:36 PM CST
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LAKE OZARK, Mo. (KY3) - Lake Ozark Fire Protection District is working to equip cyanokits on their ambulance and trucks.

The district has one. It’s kept in the ambulance should it be needed.

”I found out that we didn’t have it, and with us being a fire ALS (advance life support) Transport Agency, it’s not only crucial for the citizens we serve, but it’s crucial for our own folks,” said Deputy Chief Marc Carr.

”Essentially, if we have a rescue victim that we’ve pulled out of a fire, or it’s one of ourselves, then we established this through an IV line like we would any other medication, but it’s standing alone. We can’t give any other drugs through that line or anything else. It’s a 15-minute infusion,” said Deputy Chief Carr.

The kits cost $1,200 each.

”It’s a budgetary expense out of the EMS side of the capital budget,” said Deputy Chief Carr.

It is something not every agency has. Bob Patterson, EMS Director for Mercy, says they don’t have them on their ambulances but have partnered with some of the fire services to have them.

“It’s a pretty expensive medication. It’s rarely used. So if the fire command has it, we typically both Cox and Mercy provide an ambulance for standby on these large-scale structure fires. So if we do see an indication to give them medicine, then it’s available through that mechanism,” said Director Patterson.

Battlefield Fire Protection District is one of the fire services having it. One of the things Deputy Chief Carr says a lot of time is based on suspicion of someone having it because of the type of structure fire.

”Anybody that’s been trapped in an enclosed space with smoke, we’re to assume that they’ve got cyanide poisoning,” said Deputy Chief Carr.

Lake Ozark Fire Protection District is looking to get more of them in the coming months to have in other vehicles.

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