Springfield Police Department asks you to register your security cameras to help officers fight crime

The Springfield Police department asks for your help solving crimes.
Published: Jan. 19, 2023 at 5:36 AM CST
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SPRINGFIELD, Mo. (KY3) -The Springfield Police department asks for your help solving crimes.

The SPD Camera Location Program connects the community and officers to fight crime in your neighborhood. Police say video is one of the best ways to identify and convict criminals, and you can help by registering your door cam with the Springfield Police department. By doing this, officers will know who to contact to request footage if a crime has occurred. That information is stored in a database so officers can quickly request footage from the home or business owner. The program does not allow officers to “tap in” to your door cam and use it for surveillance.

“As a police department, do not have access to any of your cameras,” said Lt. Tonya Price. “Basically, it is just a database to let us know where the cameras are, and if we do need to contact somebody, we reach out to the homeowner or the business, and they can give us access or bring the footage to us to let us see if it’s beneficial.”

Should the devices have the potential to be helpful in the investigation, officers will know where the cameras are located and can contact the home or business owner to request the footage. Property owners are not forced to give officers any footage, but participation could help solve various criminal cases.

“We’ve had we’ve had shootings, we’ve had drive-bys, different things like that where we will capture a car driving by, and maybe we didn’t even know they drove down that street, but then somebody sees it in the neighborhood, and that will help us connect it to that shooting,” said Price. “So it could be shots fired could be an accident that occurred or leaving the scene of an accident. It just helps in all, all variety of cases.”

If you want to register your camera online, CLICK HERE.

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