Don’t let roof maintenance go over your head

Published: Jan. 19, 2023 at 6:11 PM CST
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SPRINGFIELD, Mo. (KY3) - Having a roof over your head is a privilege, but it can quickly become an expensive problem if not maintained properly. Experts urge homeowners to get an inspection at least once or twice a year.

“I recommend you know every six months, no more than a year. That way, you’re staying proactive,” said Dustin Micham with Storm Restorations of America.

And the best time to do it is right after the snow, and cold air moves out.

“Definitely after winter because water freezes. When water freezes on a roof, it can actually go up underneath a shingle and cause issues that way,” Micham explained.

Water is the first culprit for roof damage, but as we all know, severe weather is no stranger to the Ozarks. Wind and hail can be detrimental to your roof.

According to a survey with PolicyGenius, Missouri ranks in the top ten states with the most hail damage claims. When hail penetrates the shingle, water can enter and trickle down into the rest of your home.

Water damage can spread from the roof to insulation and drywall, costing you thousands of dollars in repairs.

On the other hand, if wind loosens one shingle, the rest are at risk.

“If you have two that break loose from the nail strip, if you have a higher wind, you can have what we call zippering. Which actually zippers it up the roof. You can go from one or two shingles being loose to twenty being loose,” Micham said.

Micham recommends shingles with a nail strip or shingles rated as a class four, which are impact resistant. The shingles must withstand a two-inch steel ball being dropped several times from 20 feet to receive a class four rating.

Several local roofing businesses offer free consultations to catch little problems. While fixing them may cost you a few hundred dollars, you’ll save thousands in the long run if you catch it early.

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