Aurora-Marionville police officer delivers baby

Aurora-Marionville police officer delivers baby
Published: Jan. 22, 2023 at 9:43 PM CST
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MARIONVILLE, Mo. (KY3) - When Corporal Levi Neely with the Aurora-Marionville police department went to work on Sunday, he couldn’t have imagined what would come next.

The officer responded to a call that a woman had gone into labor. When Neely got there, he stepped outside to wait for EMS, and that’s when the father ran outside.

“All of a sudden, dad came running and said, ‘Hey, I see baby,’” said CPL. Neely “As soon as he said that, I ran to the room and said, alright, mom, it’s your time to shine.”

Just seconds later, Neely had a newborn baby in his arms.

“You know, we’re police officers, we’re not, we’re not trained to, you know, deliver babies,” said CPL. Neely. “We’re here too, you know, make sure we enforce laws and do all those kinds of things. So, it was quite a different aspect of your job.”

Mom and dad, Troy, and Michelle Rutledge were relieved too. Baby Arya’s middle name is Neely.

“We had been working on a middle name this whole time. We had not had a middle name picked yet,” said Rutledge. “But now we are going to have her middle name be Neely, as was his name, the officer who delivered my daughter today.”

Baby Arya Neely Rutledge and her mother, Michelle, are happy and healthy in the Cox South hospital, all thanks to CPL. Levi Neely

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