Lebanon, Mo., man faces new sex crime charges related to wife’s home babysitting operation

Disclaimer: Some of these details may be difficult to read. Viewer’s discretion is advised
Published: Feb. 5, 2023 at 5:17 PM CST
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LEBANON, Mo. (KY3) - A Lebanon man charged with child-related sex crimes stemming from his wife’s home babysitting operation in December is facing more charges.

Court documents show 44-year-old Thomas Kincheloe is facing new charges of statutory sodomy or attempted statutory sodomy with a person younger than 12 years old, second-degree child molestation, and third-degree child molestation in three new separate cases.

Kincheloe is already facing three counts of statutory sodomy or attempted statutory sodomy - deviate sexual intercourse - person less than 12 years old, and one count of second-degree child molestation of a child less than 12 years old.

The first case:

According to court documents, in February 2021, a man was in town because of a family member’s death. He told investigators he left his two daughters, an 11-year-old and a 9-year-old, at the home of Kincheloe for babysitting. His daughters said to him that Kincheloe groped one of them inappropriately.

One of the daughters told investigators that Kincheloe made her feel nervous because Kincheloe hugged her and wouldn’t let go until she pushed away. She told investigators she watched Kincheloe make sure nothing happened to her sister.

While there, investigators say Kincheloe touched the girl’s genital area. She was nine or ten at the time. Court documents detail more instances where Kincheloe would touch the girls inappropriately after starting to tickle or massage them while watching movies.

The second case:

According to court documents, Laclede County investigators got a call from a parent stating her 10-year-old daughter had been touched by Kincheloe.

The girl told investigators in January 2023 that Kincheloe touched her inappropriately.

Detectives then went to the Laclede County Jail to interview Kincheloe about this incident. Kincheloe first stated he did not spend much time around that girl and denied touching the girl. He told detectives he was around the girl when they were playing Minecraft.

Court documents show Kincheloe started to describe the incident after detectives pressed him harder for information.

“I don’t know what came over me to even try or want to. I know right from wrong, and I do my best not to. This is one of the worst crimes ever, and I’m the one to have done it,” Kincheloe stated.

He described how he and the girl were lying together fully dressed, then he pulled her pants down and his pants down.

“And then I did it. But as soon as I did... I realized... I stopped. The intent was there, but I didn’t go through with it,” Kincheloe told detectives.

Court documents show while Kincheloe was describing the incident to investigators, he would slap his hands. He admitted to touching the girl.

The investigator asked when these encounters with the girls would occur at the babysitting operation, and he told them his wife would go shopping.

The third case:

In January 2023, investigators interviewed an 11-year-old girl who stated Kincheloe would rub her private areas under her clothes. This happened while the girl was also trying to play Minecraft.

According to court documents, when asked if others would see what was happening, the girl said yes, “they didn’t really say anything. Cause, well, it happens to them too.”

This girl also got inappropriate back massages from Kincheloe.

Father speaks out:

In December 2022, KY3 interviewed the father of one of the victims in the original charges against Kincheloe. He shared that Kincheloe had touched his daughter.

We have since re-interviewed this same father, given these new charges, and will update this story with those further details.

”The pain and anguish he’s caused these families,” said the father. “He doesn’t deserve to breathe a minute of fresh air.”

The father said his daughter would go to Kincheloe’s house to see friends. After he saw what investigators claimed he did, he had to ask his ten-year-old daughter the hard questions.

“I had asked my daughter since she had been going over there, if Thomas had touched her, and she said that he had,” said the father.

Investigators say multiple kids told them their babysitter’s husband, Kincheloe, had been touching them inappropriately.

The father said he knew the man beforehand.

“A normal person,” said the father. “Just seemed like a normal parent.”

The father said his wife was even very good friends with Kincheloe’s wife.

He said he feels betrayed.

“Go over to somebody’s house to hang out. Those parents are responsible,” said the father. “I feel the same way. If somebody’s kid was to come to my house, I would be responsible for that child.”

The father said families affected should not be ashamed. Their kids did nothing wrong.

“I lost all trust in people,” said the father. “He asks any parents with information to come forward.

“We’re just a small-town family trying to survive, and when your kids say something, you got to believe them,” said the father. “You got to take it and run with it. It could have the potential to leave a monster out on the streets.”

The father said he still wants anyone who was hurt to speak up.

He said everyone who comes out gives them a better chance of putting away Kincheloe for a long time.

If you know any information, you’re urged to contact the Lebanon Police Department.

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