New shopping development could be coming to west Springfield

Published: Feb. 15, 2023 at 6:19 PM CST
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SPRINGFIELD, Mo. (KY3) - A big development could soon be coming to west Springfield, and some neighbors are not happy about it. It is on the southeast corner of West Bypass and Sunshine, across from Walmart.

Some residents behind a newly proposed development, including Kathy White and William Bast, said they aren’t happy.

“My first reaction is like, oh no,” said White.

“I’d prefer that not to happen. We enjoy the privacy that we get with the territory the way it is right now,” said Bast.

Kathy White and William Bast have backyards next to the planned store. A rendering shows about 125 feet, with a row of trees, would separate the development and their backyards.

One thing on both of their minds is the noise.

“There’s plenty of noise here already,” said Bast. “So, more noise? Yeah, I understand that’s going to happen.”

“All I can envision is big loading-trucks, and there would surely be a lot of activity,” said White.

Developers met with neighbors on Tuesday to showcase plans for the Sunshine Towne Center. The center includes five acres with several businesses, including a large 150-thousand-square-foot retail building. No one will confirm what the larger space could be. But several things must happen before it can be built. The first is annexation.

The development sits on both city of Springfield and Greene County property. City officials said they will try to annex the land. The land will have to be rezoned through several planning and zoning steps.

White said she just moved here a few months ago.

“If that was already built and in place, I might change my mind,” said White.

Neighbors said whatever happens behind them will change their neighborhood.

“Our water drains that way. Any development in that area is going to probably affect the way water drains from our property,” said Bast.

“So much noise and traffic and activity,” said White. “I wouldn’t like being that close.”

The developer said he signed a non-disclosure agreement. A city spokesperson said to look for the annexation request to come to the city council meeting on March 6.

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