Police investigate a deadly crash involving a motorcyclist in Springfield, Mo.; warn drivers of more motorcyclists

Published: Feb. 20, 2023 at 4:45 PM CST
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SPRINGFIELD, Mo. (KY3) - A motorcycle and SUV crash killed a motorcyclist from Rogersville, Mo., on Monday.

Riley W. Fly, 19, of Rogersville, Mo., died in the crash. Officers responded to the crash around 7 a.m. near Battlefield and West Bypass. Investigators say the motorcyclist crashed into the SUV while the driver turned off West Bypass onto Battlefield Road. Police closed the intersection to investigate the crash.

Officers with the Springfield Police Department say the warmer weather has led to more bikers on the roads.

“As you know, the sun is out, and we’re getting warmer weather,” said Lt. Nelson Kibby with the Springfield Police Department. “So we’re going to have motorcycles out. Already this morning, there’s been motorcycles everywhere. You’ve got to pay attention to everybody, and that goes both ways. Motorcycle drivers, you got to pay attention as well.”

Scott Brown has been riding in Springfield for 20+ years, and one thing he’s learned is when you’re on two wheels, use your two eyes to watch out.

“You’re constantly watching out for everybody else, not just everybody else,” said Brown. “But animals, deer, dogs, cats. You’re constantly scanning, looking for those things.”

Springfield drivers like Robert Carlock say to keep your distance when you’re behind a bike.

“I’ll probably say 50 to 100 feet back, and always watch ahead of a motorcycle as well as cars too I watch,” said Carlock. “I don’t watch the car in front of me. I watch the car in front of them.”

Brown says even minor crashes can be deadly on a motorcycle

“What we consider a fender bender on a car can be a very serious accident on a motorcycle because you have nothing restraining you,” said Brown. “You go down, you are sliding.”

SPD says whether you’re on two wheels or four, watch out and be safe

“This goes both ways in this situation,” said LT Kibby. “Pay attention, you know, look up, you know, watch the intersections you’re coming in to slow down. And that’s, that has nothing to do, particularly With this case. It’s just safety precautions. Motorcycle drivers wear helmets. Everybody wears their seatbelt and pays attention to one another.”

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